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          • Knowledge sharing

            Knowledge sharing

            Internal Lecture
            External training

          • New Hire Orientation Training

            New Hire Orientation Training

            Company Orientation
            Pre-job Training

          • English Training

            English Training

            1:1 English training
            English working environment

          • LinkedIn Learning is live!

            LinkedIn Learning is live! Now we all have access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand learning solution designed to help you gain new skills and advance your career.

            With LinkedIn Learning, you get: 

            Unlimited access. Choose from more than 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative and technology topics. 
            Personalized recommendations. Explore the most in-demand skills based on your experience.
            Expert instructors. Learn from industry leaders, all in one place.
            Convenient learning. Access courses on your schedule from your desktop browser
            Helpful resources. Reinforce new knowledge with quizzes, exercise files and coding practice windows.

          • eHC Internal Lecture




            1st session

            Searching Engine & SEO

            2nd session

            1st part:How to be good QA
            2nd part:QA的器術道
            3rd part:敏捷必然之路-持續集成

            3rd session

            IT Security Awareness Training

            4th session

            Individual Income Tax

            5th session

            Outlook Usage Optimization
            Outlook 使用技巧

            6th session

            e-Learning Operation Training
            e-Learning 學員操作培訓

            7th session


            8th session

            Excel Macro Programming & Usage
            Excel 宏編程經驗點滴

            9th session

            Social Medicare Insurance

            10th session

            Medicare Training

            11st session

            Learning PivotTable
            數據透視表詳解(EXCEL 2007)

            12nd session


            13rd session

            Redis Quick Start

            14th session

            Photography and Work Life

            15th session

            What is the data? Where did it come from and where is it going?---Data analytics of e-commerce in the era of Big Data

            16th session

            What is Team Spirit and Loyalty

            17th session

            Product Strategy and Roadmap

            18th session

            eHealth,INC. 公司股權激勵計劃相關知識培訓,股票個稅計算及操作指引

            19th session

            Protection of Commercial Confidence

            20th session

            Code Quality

            21st session

            Commercial Insurance

            22nd session

            JavaScript Study Guide
            JavaScript 學習指南

            23rd session

            Effective Email Writing

            24th session

            Project Management on Delivering Banking System

            25th session

            GreenHopper Guideline for Scrum Master
            JIRA敏捷開發插件工具- GreenHopper

            26th session

            Business Etiquette

            27th session

            Business Etiquette

            28th session

            What's the life like without the Internet?

            29th session


            30th session

            eHealth Production Website disastrous event sharing and the future of engineering & quality assurance
            eHealth Production環境歷史上重大事故分享及未來QA和Engineering的方向討論

            31st session

            Internet finance and common financial knowledge

            32nd session

            Improving Your Communication Effectiveness With U.S. Team Members

            33rd session

            Never too late to learn English

            34th session


            35th session

            Experience Sharing of how to play badminton

            36th session

            Health Insurance and eHealth basics   

            37th session

            eHealth 2014 Product Strategy & Roadmap Part I
            翼華產品策略及遠景藍圖 (上半場) 

            38th session

            eHealth 2014 Product Strategy & Roadmap Part II
            翼華產品策略及遠景藍圖 (下半場)

            39th session

            Confluence Ninja忍者訓練

            40th session


            41st session

            Alibaba Testing Technology Carnival Sharing --- Portals Website Performance Testing And Optimization

            42nd session

            How to be a good product owner

            43rd session

            Test never dead 未來測試之路

            44th session

            手淘測試之路/The road of Mobile App testing

            45th session

            Supplementary commercial insurance

            46th session

            Common legal issues and treatment -- Marriage and family law

            47th session

            Healthcare for Female Employees

            48th session

            Emotional or rational, traditional or modern—Approach to scientific thinking

            49th session

            Some topics about taxes-Series 1---Situation and Tendency

            50th session

            Just some simple UX knowledge

            51st session

            年終獎個稅及家庭理財             Individual Income tax and Family's financial management

            52nd session

            新一代互聯網測試團隊                     Next-Generation Testing Team for Internet

            53rd session

            上海運維大會交流分享Building  a DevOps culture -- Self-service, Visualization, Automation

            54th session

            Let's talk about Left-pad, reversed thinking and operation from architect's perspective?

            55th session

            我在項目中踩過的坑和小結 The problems I met in my projects

            56th session

            Learn product management from Taobao, Leshi, Suning

            57th session

            在網絡世界中保護自己的技巧  Tips to protect yourself in cyber world

            58th session

            Skype & webEx相關功能運用的共享-Skype & WebEx relates function sharing 

            59th session

            eHealth安全概覽  eHealth Security Overview

            60th session

            Scurm gathering 2016 China Sharing

            61st session

            PPT 其實很簡單/You can make a good ppt

            62nd session

            crucial conversation 

            63rd session

            帶領自組織團隊/Leading a self organize team

            64th session

            OWASP TOP 10 Introduction

            65th session


            66th session

            專注的力量/The Power of Focus

            67th session

            企業安全建設入門/Getting started with enterprise security

            68th session


            69th session


            70th session


            71st session

            技術界新寵 – Docker 容器
            New Tech Darling - Docker Containers

            72nd session


            73rd session


            74th session


            75th session

            Agile leadership – Build high performance team

            76th session

            Medicare 101

            77th session

            Restricted stocks, stock options and tax issues


          • Architecting on AWS

                   Architecting on AWS covers the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS. The course is designed to teach solutions architects how to optimize the use of the AWS Cloud by understanding AWS services and how these services fit into cloud-based solutions. This course emphasizes AWS cloud best practices and recommended design patterns to help students think through the process of architecting optimal IT solutions on AWS. Case studies throughout the course showcase how some AWS customers have designed their infrastructures and the strategies and services they implemented. 

          • Team building training 4 ——Hiking

          • Team building training 3

          • Team building training 2


          • Team building training 1

          • Logical thinking and effective expression training

          • Middle Management Training “Management Innovation Leadership”

            In the age of innovation, it's an inevitable trend to improve the organizational and individual innovation capacities. Every member in an organization must have an enterprising innovation spirit with innovative thinking capabilities. It's not only a requirement for enterprise development in the time of great change but also the organization's core competitiveness to have all of its members involved in innovation! In the increasingly competitive industrial environment, organizations must have creative teams. The technical managers must know how to carry out innovation in their leadership and how to successfully manage an innovative team. Hence, the Company organized a middle management training on Innovative Leadership Improvement for Managers in the first half year of 2016.
            During the training, the Trainer added humor and interesting stories to the training and everyone had a great brainstorming day! They thought and acted outside the box throughout the day, which was a whole new experience for them!

          • Middle Management Training "Training The Trainer To Train"

               A company’s rapid development relies on the continuous inheritance of core enterprise technology and corporate culture. The key members of an enterprise play a significant role in the spreading and inheritance of knowledge. It’s very important to build and train the internal trainers in the enterprise and transform the tacit knowledge inside the enterprise into explicit knowledge and then turn the explicit knowledge into core competitiveness. This is why we aim to build up an internal trainer system with a high-quality trainer team that is capable of applying what they’ve learned to their daily work and practices in an efficient manner. 
            During the training, the Trainees picked up the knowledge and skills quickly through a series of case study and practice.  Everyone thought the training would be helpful to various trainings and lectures to be carried out at work going forward.

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